The measure of the company's success is linked to customer satisfaction and is based on the ability to understand and anticipate their needs and to offer a product/service that not only meets their explicit needs, but also and above all their latent needs. The Quality Policy of the company therefore aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in a short time and with the highest expertise offered by the market. It is defined by the following guidelines:

  • understand correctly and completely the needs of the Customer
  • guarantee the quality of our work
  • prevent defects due to carelessness and negligence that our customers bring to our attention
  • continuously improve the quality of our work and consequently the products we supply to our customers

  • improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through Inspections
  • set objectives that will enable all of us to make professional progress
  • ensure the best use of human resources and equipment, through individual responsibility, enhancement and development of individual skills
  • keep up to date and comply with the regulations and laws in force.
  • Increase communication with the workforce by identifying appropriate communication channels/tools
  • Seek the empowerment of human resources
  • Improve communication between departments, including through IT tools, currently in the development phase

The primary objective of the Management team is to obtain and maintain over time ISO9001:2015 certification of the company's quality system for the machine manufacturing process. As part of the periodic review of the quality system by the Management team, specific objectives for the continuous improvement of the system are defined and distributed to all interested parties. The scope of these objectives requires maximum support from the company’s management team, but also the involvement and effective collaboration of all staff in order to pursue the growth and development of the company and the people who work there.


The Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri mission is to provide products and solutions through the application of science that enrich lives and help to create a sustainable future, while doing no harm to people or the environment.

Our policy is to place care for human health, safety, and the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

Our vision is to prevent all harm through achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

The company's EHS Policy therefore aims to meet the obligations of legislative compliance and the Corporate EHS Guidelines, including the commitment to implement the guiding principles set out in the ‘Huntsman EHS Policy and Commitment', in order to manage in the best possible way all risks to the Health and Safety of Associates as well as the foreseeable environmental impacts within the company. All this whilst taking into consideration, on the one hand, prevention and protection and, on the other, to continuous improvement of performance.

It is developed by TECNOELASTOMERI s.r.l. according to the following common and specific commitments for each area:

  • responsibility for the management of both systems concerns the entire organisation of the company, from the Employer to each associate, each in accordance with his or her own powers and responsibilities;
  • consider OSH, the Environment and its results as an integral part of company management;
  • to provide the necessary human and instrumental resources;
  • define and disseminate OSH objectives and implementation programmes within the company;
  • periodically review the policy itself and the management system implemented.


  • correct identification of environmental impacts and related monitoring methods;
  • awareness on behalf of all staff to the importance of compliance with the applicable requirements for the containment of environmental impacts and the prevention of pollution;
  • evaluate forms/procedures to reduce energy consumption and raw materials where deemed appropriate and possible.
  • awareness and training of the associates to carry out their tasks safely and to assume their OSH responsibilities;
  • involvement and consultation of associates, including through their safety representatives;
  • make every effort to ensure that associates can communicate to management and its representatives, observations, contributions and any aspect that may contribute to the improvement of health and safety conditions.
The primary objective of the Management team is to:
  • obtain and maintain over time ISO9001:2015 certification of the company's environmental system;
  • maintain ISO 45001 certification.

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