We branched out with the development of CASTECH™ machines in 2002. After many years in the industry, we saw a gap in the market and knew there was an opportunity to create a better kind of high-precision casting machine. Using our knowledge of elastomer properties, we designed a piece of equipment that would work in complete harmony with our TECNOTHANE™ / DALTOCAST™ systems – getting the very best out of our materials. Naturally, we were careful to also design a solution that would be compatible with TDI, NDI and other polyurethane platform technologies, including technical foam.

The result is CASTECH™ – a flexible, low maintenance, equipment solution that can be used to efficiently cast compact polyurethane elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams from all types of isocyanate and chain extender combinations.

Offering the highest levels of accuracy and flexibility, our CASTECH™ machines are among the most advanced equipment options available for the efficient manufacture of elastomers. Featuring a range of interchangeable parts, CASTECH™ machines are fully flexible and can be tailor made to suit customer requirements.

As standard they provide precision dosing with good mix homogeneity, a high output and precise shot casting capabilities. Each machine also comes with its own software package for monitoring performance variables and making adjustments during the manufacturing process.

Casting Machines


Casting machines
Casting machines





Our latest CASTECH™ machine is the CASTECH™ HP3000 Series. Fitted with a number of new and improved features, the CASTECH™ HP3000 Series is designed to ease equipment integration and deliver the highest levels of dosing and mixing precision – enabling the creation of elastomers with maximum performance potential. With additional features available - including the option to add up to six additional injectors to the mixing chamber - the CASTECH™ HP3000 takes our equipment offer to the next level, giving us extra flexibility when it comes to creating elastomer processing machines that exactly match our customers’ needs. Alongside all the standard features you’d expect from a CASTECH™ machine, the CASTECH™ HP3000 offers:

  • A high-speed motor capable of speeds of up to 10,000 rpm
  • An output range of 150 to 60,000 grams per minute, depending on circuit and pump size
  • New injectors designed with higher output in mind but also capable of handling lower outputs
  • A dynamic mixer, which can be standard or large in size, to provide the perfect mixing quality
  • A mixing head compatible with the latest high performance polyurethane systems
  • A 19-inch touch screen to display machine status
  • An in-built software system for monitoring temperature, pressure levels and mixer speeds
  • A cleaning system that manages solvent, pressurized air, mixer RPM and cleaning cycles, and has a programmable pre-wash to help reduce solvent consumption.